Azure Images

Images are used in Azure to provide a new virtual machine with an operating system. Azure offers images in the market place which have the latest versions of Windows Server and distributions of Linux. Some images also contains applications, such as SQL Server, Barracuda Firewall and so on.

The user can create own images of running azure virtual machines by using sysprep command to generalize the image and capture the image. And the captured images will get saved in the .VHD format in the Azure blob storage. The user also can upload the images to Azure blob storage and can make use of them.

There are two types of images that can be used in Azure:

  • VM Image: VM image includes an operating system and all disks attached to a virtual machine when the image is created also can use the customized images.
  • OS Image: An image that contains only generalized operating system is named as OS image. On other end, Azure offers OS images from their market place.

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